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Preventive maintenance is essential to reliable long term operation of your home’s comfort system. It’s hard to believe many people are more diligent about changing their car’s oil, than they are about maintaining their air conditioning or heating system.

Not all preventive maintenance is equal. Years of experience and collaboration with equipment manufacturers have gone into our maintenance program.

Many competitors perform unnecessary services which have more of a potential to harm your system than to help it. For example, one Jacksonville area company has recommended pulling and cleaning an evaporator coil every three years. This is not only a waste of several hundred dollars, but is more likely to decrease the life of your system than improve it. Read more about this common pitfall here.

Just as costly to the homeowner, is the $49 tune-up. This tantalizing amount is equivalent to a diagnostic charge for a unit without a problem… yet. This teaser rate gets a technician in the door where they charge extra for each and every task they do. This price does not include cleaning the system and these technicians are often rushed spending just 15 minutes on a working system.

Our maintenance program is just right and designed around maintaining the reliability, efficiency, performance, and longevity of your system. This thorough approach built on science and executed with integrity puts you first.

What we do?

Notice the lack of fine print or asterisks? We don’t like the “starting at” numbers any more than you do. Our maintenance program includes all preventive maintenance tasks, chemicals, cleaners, towels, etc. We don’t offer a good/better/best program like a car wash. We know how to properly maintain your home’s comfort system and offer one option, the correct one.